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  • The art and craft of crochet is a form of needlework involving lace-making techniques.  Crochet dates back to ancient times.  A crochet hook is used to form each looped stitch resulting in a lacy effect.
  • Wacha Sea's creations are crocheted from the highest quality 100% cotton thread made in Europe and the US.  This makes oure creations much more elegant that those made from yarn.
  • Each crocheted garment is durable and long lasting.  The bikinis may be worn for lounging or posing and in the ocean, lakes, and swimming pools.


Vintage motif patterns are the focus of many of our halter tops and demi-halters.  Shown at right is "Kalika" in porcelain blue, which features a center floral design.


Most halters are lined.
Beadwork enhancement to many pieces is a special addition.




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Bikinis Halters Custom work


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