Wacha Sea English Language Instruction

Wacha Sea offers individualized and Group English Language Instruction.

Regina Dang has 7 years experience including:


  • Conversation & lessons designed for individual levels of proficiency.
  • College age instruction (University of Hawaii NICE program).
  • Elementary age instruction (Kindergarten-6th grade).
  • Tutoring for reading and comprehension skills.


  • $20 per hour for individualized conversation/instruction.
  • $15 per hour per person for 2 persons at a time.

Flexible Availability and Location:

  • A.M.
  • P.M.
  • At the beach, restaurants, poolside, etc.
  • Flexible


Please email me about your needs for instruction or conversation and your preferred times.


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Email us for questions.  Or fax/call us.

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